Selling your home “For Sale by Owner”

If you intend to sell your home as a “For Sale by Owner” or FSBO as commonly referred to you could use the assistance of, Tier 1 Title, to process and close the transaction. Our legal staff can assist you in drafting the contract and we can provide the direction you will need to attract legitimate buyers. Selling your home on your own is a tall order. Historically over eighty percent of homes listed for sale by owner end up utilizing the assistance of a Realtor. If you are able to complete the process without the use of a Realtor you have succeeded where many have failed, congratulations! If we can help in any way, contact our Director of Marketing.

Home Buyers & Sellers

Buying a home

Whether you are securing financing for your home purchase or buying a property with cash, Tier 1 Title, can play an integral part in the process for both buyer and seller. Tier 1 Title will assure title issues get resolved so that the transaction is not delayed due to past mortgages, mechanics or HOA liens or insurance issues.

Be sure you check out our home buyer/seller Resources page for additional information on buying HUD homes, Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac foreclosures / REO properties, USDA rural home loans, and VA (Veterans Administration) home loans. Real Estate transactions can be complicated and you must have someone on your side to answer your questions. Our on staff attorney can answer your title questions and most often provide you with an answer without charging you heavy legal fees – that is just one benefit of using Tier 1 Title for your purchase, sale, or refinance. If we can help in any way, contact our Director of Marketing.

Listing your home with a Realtor

The home selling process can be a bit challenging. Be sure to utilize all possible resources your real estate agent can provide regarding comparable properties and appropriate home values in determining your listing price. Once you have done your homework and it’s time to close the deal, Tier 1 Title comes in. Our job is to clear any title issues that may cause problems, for the both the buyer and the seller, in the future. If we can help in any way, contact our Director of Marketing.

Be sure you check out our Home buyer/seller Resources page for additional information on selling your home.

Thank you for walking us through the process of satisfying our judgments! This has been a huge relief to our budget and allowed us to sleep better at night.
Peggy J
I wanted to thank you for helping me save money with my owners policy. I had refinanced in the past and no one had ever educated me about this. I’m forever indebted to you!
Donald B